ASTM D4636

Corrosiveness and Oxidation Stability of Hydraulic Oils, Aircraft Turbine Engine Lubricants, and Other Highly Refined Oils

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Sample Tube, ASTM D4636
  Joint Length Measure ..
Sample Tube Head, ASTM D4636
D4636, D6594   Top Joints Bottom Joint Measure ..
ample Tube Head, Modified, ASTM D4636
The 10/30 center neck is replaced with a threaded connector that has compression fittin..
Air Tube, ASTM D4636
D4636, D6594   Length Diameter Measure ..
Thermocouple Tube, ASTM D4636
  Top Diameter Joint Bottom Diameter Length..
Allihn Condenser, ASTM D4636
D4636, D6594,  Bulb Type Condenser   Top Joint Jacket ..