AMK Glass

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1000mL Extraction Flask, Wide Mouth, ASTM D473
  Capacity (mL) Stopper Neck Measure ..
500mL Titration Flask,  ASTM D3242
Available in other sizes upon request. Product # Capacity (mL) ..
Aging Tube, ASTM D6468
 Heavy wall test tubes made of borosilicate glass. Available in Round or Flat Bottom. ..
Allihn Condenser, ASTM D3279
Allihn type condenser with eight bulbs.  Stem Top with a 35/25 Ball joint on bottom. ..
Anticreep Beaker, ASTM D2007
Product # Capacity (mL) Diameter x Height Measure ..
Chromatography Column, ASTM D2549
Product # Sample Size Reservoir Capacity Column I.D...
Emulsion Cylinder, ASTM D1401
Product # Capacity (mL) Graduations (mL) Diameter x ..
Filter Stick, ASTM D721
Medium porosity disc sealed on bottom with an air pressure inlet tube and a delivery nozzle. Made..
Foam Test Cylinder, ASTM D892
Economical replacment for Lawler┬« Instrument.  Graduations are etched into the glass.  ..
Fuel Dilution Trap, ASTM D322
Capacity (mL) Graduations (mL) Joint Size(mL) Measur..
Glass Cylinder, ASTM D2420
Product # Diameter x Length Measure AST 2420..
Graduated Glass Tube, ASTM D7451
Includes screw cap with PTFE Liner. Product # Capacity (mL) ..
Gum Beaker, ASTM D381
100mL Beaker with serial # for traceability Product # Capacity (mL) ..
Nace Beaker, Baffled, ASTM D665
A 400mL Berzelius-type, tall form beaker without pourout. Two baffles 180 degress apart and a gra..
Ramsbottom Coking Bulb
Product # Diameter x Height Measure AST 524 ..