Condenser, Allihn

Brand: AMK Glass
Product Code: CN1-
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Bulb type reflux condenser with a 24/40 outer joint on the top & a lower 24/40 drip tip joint.  Other joint sizes available upon request.

Product # Jacket Length Joint Size Overall Height Measure
CN1-200A 200mm 24/40 325mm Each
CN1-250A 250mm 24/40 375mm Each
CN1-300A 300mm 24/40 425mm Each
CN1-400A 400mm 24/40 525mm Each
CN1-500A 500mm 24/40 625mm Each
CN1-600A 600mm 24/40 725mm Each


* Allihn: Description: Measure: Qty:
CN1-200A Condenser, Allihn, 200mm, 24/40 Joints Each
CN1-250A Condenser, Allihn, 250mm, 24/40 Joints Each
CN1-300A Condenser, Allihn, 300mm, 24/40 Joints Each
CN1-400A Condenser, Allihn, 400mm, 24/40 Joints Each
CN1-500A Condenser, Allihn, 500mm, 24/40 Joints Each
CN1-600A Condenser, Allihn, 600mm, 24/40 Joints Each

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